Student Services

Student Accommodations

Discover the accommodations available to you during your studies abroad at Robertson Global. If you have questions regarding accommodations, don’t hesitate to reach out by clicking the bottom below.

Discover your home away from home

There are many affordable individual and family housing options available within a short distance of our campuses. Check out some of the housing options listed below!

Homestay Network

Homestays are carefully chosen families that offer furnished accommodations and meals to international students in a caring and supportive home environment. This will allow you to integrate into the community and become familiar with life in Canada. When you stay with a homestay family, you will have the opportunity to speak English in a natural setting daily.

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Private Accommodations

Private accommodations such as an apartment, a house or a room rental may be available. For more information on how to search for local accommodations, please contact us.

Campus image of Robertson College in Winnipeg, ManitobaCampus image of Robertson College in Calgary, AlbertaCampus image of Robertson College in Edmonton, Alberta

Our Campuses

Discover our diverse campuses, ranging from the prairies to the mountains. Explore the unique programs and environments each location has to offer.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Experience living in one of Canada's most livable cities, where you can enjoy unique winter experiences, a thriving arts scene, vibrant festivals, and much more.

Calgary, Alberta

Immerse yourself in vibrant urban life while surrounded by picturesque prairie landscapes.

Edmonton, Alberta

Discover the stunning grandeur of the Canadian Rockies and the captivating beauty of the windswept prairies.